Sunday, May 04, 2014

new medium

Gel transfers in progress.
It was a deep garden slogging recovery day. All the better to play with gel transfers. It's one of those processes that have baffled me for the longest time. Watching plenty of tutorials on YouTube didn't seem to click the process for me ~ until today. I'd been using the wrong acrylic medium, fluid matte medium. It seems to spread on too thin and doesn't really hold the image very well. Why I hadn't used the soft gel medium, as recommended, is beyond me, however, it is the stuff that works. And that is the secret to gel transfers. The word gel should have tipped me off. These are my rare moments of density.

Once I got going, the page became a thick layer of several gel transfer images. There is a vague softness to the finished product. Translucent, incomplete, ephemeral. Like layers of a story which this spread was meant to evoke as demonstrated in 21 Secrets.

By the end of the day, this spread was complete and I felt complete. Even the aches from hoisting garden soil had eased. Art heals.

A story in layers.

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