Thursday, May 01, 2014

mental meanderings #2

It was a rainy day walk that had me thinking of coming home to a hot cuppa. Today's rainy walk was warmer than yesterday's when I was wearing gloves along with the wellies and slicker. (And what is that myth? Twenty-one days to establish a habit? I'm on Day Four here with walking meditation. I might have preferred a nap.) Despite the warmth, the want of a decent cup of tea came to mind which lead to Tea Pots I've Known and Loved.

A Canadian teapot in England.
A treasured item put to good use.
(Photo by Hope Fitzgerald.)
My grandmother, a collector of a great many things (including husbands), had a fair collection of tea pots. One of my favorites remembered as a child was a Japanese set that had a simple line drawing of a horse on the pot and tea bowls. I wanted to be a horse when I grew up at that time, horse being my favorite animal, so that was my favorite tea pot then. Later on down the line, my mother's Brown Betty was the go-to tea pot in the house. Sunday mornings didn't always serve up coffee and bagels with cream cheese and lox. Sometimes we'd have a pot of tea as we all read through a Sunday pile of the New York Times. The tea pot we used most during the summer visiting my grandparents in Nova Scotia  is living happily abroad with my cousin. Us Yankee Girls hosted many a Friday night TV wrestling viewing ~ black tea and plenty of cinnamon toast to go around. With only three channels to watch via antenna, two in French, one in English, Friday Night Wrestling was the bomb. Naturally, the Canadians were always the Good Guys. When in Rome, you know.

Teapots then got me to thinking about elegance. It is elegant, isn't it? Afternoon tea. High tea. Which are distinctly different. To my mind, either one carries some kind of elegance despite the difference. And how about those heavily choreographed-yet-deeply-spiritual Japanese tea ceremonies? Not only elegance, but also attention. A contrast to the slam-dunk approach I generally have toward a cuppa in the morning and later in the day. The closest I come to tea ceremony is pinching different loose teas into a samovar and adding water at a full boil. One of our present favorites is Darjeeling, rose and lavender buds ~ with honey and half-n-half, of course. (As you may recall, I ruin tea.) The late day tea becomes somewhat elegant then. Especially if followed by a nap.

So. After a rainy day walk, a fine brew of matcha was concocted in my favorite tea bowl and then I set off to work and play in the studio.

My favorite tea bowl holding the full moon.

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