Monday, April 28, 2014


I can't remember the last time I hauled this body out for a really good walk. It must have been at a warmer time of year, certainly. This morning offered up the perfect opportunity to get out and I stuck to that plan of going for a walk. No deterrents or excuses. Fact is, I'm a fairly cerebral person and can easily get lost in housebound activity. Give me paperwork and I'm chained to the desk until it's done. A computer screen before me allows for instant gratification and easy clicking for communications and creating ~ it is an accessible Rabbit Hole to fall into every time. The computer still fascinates me, especially when it's working well. Set me up with paints and paper or canvas and you won't see me for hours. I'll paint even though I'm starving. And a good book! Well, don't get me started. Naturally, good books are followed by great naps ~ enough said.

In short, I lead a sedentary life. Physical movement isn't something I do readily. Though I do love practicing yoga asanas, a million excuses for not practicing more often step into the room and there goes the good intention. However, once the discipline is applied and a few Down Dogs have been run through with a smattering of Sun Salutations, I'm often left wondering why I deny myself this simple, accessible pleasure. It is no different with walking.

Honestly, if one is a healthy, able-bodied human being (or canine) a walk is by far the best thing for a body. Yet we don't give ourselves time for walks. Everyday, I walk vicariously with my cousin, Hope. She posts her photos of little things noticed here and there on Instagram. At least once a week, I walk with Terri Windling and her dog, Tilly, in the beautiful Devon, England country sides. This does little for my own constitution though and as lovely as the pictures are, they aren't my experiences on a walk.

So. I hitched my dogs and went for a walk. I made a point of NOT taking photos this morning. I just wanted to experience a walk with my dogs. Simple, pure and without the need to share. I needed this morning's walk to be mine (well, and the dogs'). No company. No chatter. No stopping for Android phone photos. And that walk was had, by golly. I feel much better for it ~ embodied, centered, grounded ~ pick one, it's all the same. I am, again, left wondering why I deny myself this simple, accessible pleasure.

Must be a human thing. Dogs walk at the drop of a hat.
A view from yesterday's short jaunt to the Lookout Point.

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