Friday, April 04, 2014


Squash in situ.
It's been . . . wait for it . . . another run-around day. I've finally come to land awhile here in my studio ~ harbor for my soul. I have an Art Journal Caravan page or two to play with. There are a few Gaian Soul Seasonal Practices to catch up to. Paperwork was done first thing, though, to get it out of my hair. Even the zeros have been combed out. Time was then spent cutting open a butternut squash to finish the next lesson in Jane LeFazio's Watercolor Sketchbook: Designs From Life. I'm delighted by the neatness of this way of creating in watercolor. It's Old School Stuff I'm surprised to find myself enjoying this time around. It has a different rhythm and is almost relaxing not to have to do anything intuitively. What sits before one is a cut butternut squash, one draws the squash. (Unless one is Picasso, then one might get something else.) There's little to figure out in still life drawing and painting ~ just do it.

And so the squash and I had a relaxing afternoon in the studio.

Completed and shared.
On to the next lesson!

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