Monday, April 21, 2014


Bare feet on a cool floor ground me as I roll and spread copper penny paint on the journal pages for this week. It was not the plan to do them so late in the day (as it is, it's getting mighty close to The Blacklist). No, earlier in the day, I created a Task List of things Important and Not So Important. Then I was asked to go for a ride. Avoidance? Sure! Why not? It gets me out of the house on a long ride with little benefit except for getting nothing done.

One thing I avoided was working a process with one exercise from 21 Secrets. For the past week, I've read and read again the prompts. The videos were watched at least once. The spread in an ongoing altered book had been prepped and waiting to proceed. It's the writing that needs doing ~ writing between two opposite aspects of Self. Writing what they might have to say to me or each other. All of which sounds pretty psychotic and schizophrenic until one does the art. Then those Voices In the Head hold beauty and viscera, laughter and tears, vulnerability and power. How much of ourselves do we ignore on a daily basis? How often do we forget the simple Art of Embodiment? Is anyone, ever, Home? Lights left on don't count.

And so . . . bare feet on a cool floor ground me as I get ready to write out those Voices tomorrow. No free rides this time, baby.
Journal pages at night . . .

Prepped pages in an altered book.
Still waiting.


Elaine Edwards said...

Hi Dawn, just popping over from Effy's to say hello. I'm definitely coming back to see how that book comes along!

Ashling said...

Intense exercise....hope you found your way through it.