Wednesday, April 23, 2014

precious thingery

Though there were shop drawings to contend with for most of the day, a little creativity was managed in between. Tweak a measurement, daub some paint. Build a page, create another image. A structured to unstructured rhythm to the day.

When I started Spectrum, I realized too late the notebook I chose wasn't a great one for the work intended. It's a Moleskine meant more for light sketching and writing not daubed paint or hefty layers. And I wasn't happy with the book or the process because of it. Then an idea came along to use those leftover paint pages and give the thin pages some integrity. Using some of the in-between pages for note taking would also really fill the book ~ especially the section I'm working on now for bhakti poetry. This part of the Spectrum exploration wasn't sparking my interest. Giving the recording more attention rather than working while listening sorted that out. So with notes for a poem to write itself during the week and the paint laid on reinforced pages, the Spectrum Moleskine has now become precious to me.

The aspect writing and imaging for 21 Secrets became another precious thing. It's not quite finished and it may stay that way awhile, but the spread speaks to me deeply. It might not look like much to anyone else ~ it's not the point of a personal visual journal. Anyone viewing it may have their own perceptions and that's fine. Take what you will, leave the rest. What mattered, what mattered, what mattered was the doing of it and the joy found in that process. I'm always keen on that sort of thing.

A busy art table today.

Backbone and shifting.

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