Tuesday, April 08, 2014


It has been falling to the wayside all over the place. Hitting the Snooze button is easier than getting out of bed at 5:30am to meditate. (The hour then becoming less godly than originally thought.) Asanas set aside for busy-ness and renovation turmoil. The Morning Pages have been scant and vapid. Even dream recall has skipped town.

When hit with with wave of ennui, it is time to change it up somewhere. I am beginning with meditation on the morning. I've yet more to read, but Meditation Secrets for Women by Camille Maurine seems to indicate another way. One less structured, one allowing for the hitting of the Snooze button. I've learned quite a lot from The Open Heart Project (and, in fact, I still recommend it to anyone starting out on a simple meditation practice), but this soul needs a change. She has gotten into a rut and isn't moving out of it all too easily. And so I begin again.

And now, asanas. Well. I've gotten rather comfortable with this form too. So nice to find Sadie Nardini's programs through Daily Om at a reasonable price. Something different that moves energy in a new way for this body. There's a 14-day program and a 21-day program ~ both have much to offer in core building and body awareness. I haven't started this just yet, but it's inspiring.

So. My practice seems to be, at least for now, picking up new practice.

Obiwan's Perpetual Snooze Practice

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Fil said...

Just what I needed to read this morning:) I find it very easy to get disillusioned with myself when morning practice gets put into 2nd or 10th place ... and I function so much better with my morning pages. But it's just getting back into the practice isn't it?...