Thursday, April 10, 2014

medicine wheel reading

As some might know, Nature is my Home Base, my touchstone. Aside from flock tending and feeding, another thing that gets me out doors is creating a daily Medicine Wheel. It's a simple practice of finding a spot that calls to you as Center for the day, then walking out from Center in each direction to find an item Nature has left for you ~ of Nature or not. Whatever catches the eye. My only basic rule is to avoid taking something that might like to live a little longer. Besides, I've found chipmunks to be largely uncooperative when it comes to Medicine Wheel building.

In the past few days of building my daily wheel, I mused on gleaning a reading of the day from the gathering of objects and setting them in their found directions. The human mind can pretty much make any association it wants, but I've found the daily readings interesting and insightful. Let's have a gander at today's wheel, shall we?

My wheel for today.

In the East, I found a piece of bark that matched, almost exactly, its background ~ the top of our ubiquitous granite found around here. Wandering South I found a pile of wood chips left at the base of a tree a Pileated Woodpecker carved into, leaving a hole big enough to decorate into a Faerie House. Just the right acorns were found in the West and a happy patch of loose moss in the North. And so my Medicine Wheel was built.

What reading could be gleaned from these items and their placement? The invisible bark in the East could point to a need to use a certain kind of protection, one others might not perceive, keeping dreams and ideas safe awhile longer. Wood chips in the South reminded me of kindling. To my elemental thinking, South is related to the element of Fire and kindling is often needed to start a good fire. You can't throw a log on a spark ~ it pretty much douses the fire. Acorns are a form of food for some. So how might I need to nurture my emotional self in the West? Could be, literally, good food. And in the North, that place of Earth and Silence, there is a bit of green growing, low and quiet-like. It might mean gathering some softness in a hard quarter.

Without diving deeply into detail, this reading fit my day. I've ideas percolating and gathering some momentum, but they aren't ready to bring out into the World. At the same time, I've gotta move on some of this stuff, but the Fire has to be built right in order to burn without burning out or, worse yet, not starting at all. In the meantime, it would be a good idea to feed myself well ~ not just good food, but good space, supportive people. All while I keep this silent softness in growth.

And then I finished the journal spread that lingered on the table all this week.

A finished spread with some red.
(Magenta, actually. I just liked the rhyme.)

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