Sunday, April 20, 2014

into the WABAC Machine

If it weren't for this video I purchased for myself (we're talking VHS days, my friends), I would not be practicing yoga. At all. Ever. I have scoliosis. It has been corrected with a Harrington rod since I was 14 years old. Yoga was something I had wanted to do ten years later, but didn't know where to go ~ especially with this body's limitations. Yoga teachers wanted doctors' releases or notes. I kinda know what this body can and can't do because I pay attention to it ~ so I didn't appreciate the hassle. Finding Patricia Walden's video at that time was a Gods' send. It was my practice for as many times as I could manage during the week. Certainly easier before I had children, but a haven during nap times when I did have them. This video is my best yoga buddy.

So when Bennie approached me about making yoga a more frequent practice, I found and purchased a more technologically updated Yoga For Beginners (yay! DVD!). While I had expected Bennie to find the content friendly and approachable, I hadn't expected the realization of how much I missed practicing along with Patricia Walden again. This weekend was a lovely return to Simple Practice and happily shared.

Another enjoyable find from the past: Spirograph. Impulse purchases at AC Moore's have their happy moments.

Living the childhood dream.

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