Friday, April 11, 2014

ignoring work

Ah, the studio! After managing the flock and rooster placement for the day, after brewing a fresh cuppa, after everyone left the house I played. Listening to online course recordings, viewing course videos, writing art prompts for Women Who Run With the Wolves to be posted this weekend . . . nothing but my stuff. A page for Jane LeFazio's Watercolor Sketchbook class was completed.

It didn't stop there either. After dinner (yum, leftover lasagna), a painting was finished, iPod playing Anugama (hat tip to Effy ~ it is easy trance music), paint on my hands and dripping on the floor. Paint played and sprayed, body and hands moving in ways they needed to to create.

The day feels complete. I'm ready for Grimm and a snack . . . and, by golly, Spring Break starts tomorrow! Lot's of sleeping in for the next week, thank you. Oh and more studio time for both Bennie and me.

Tool time with Jane.

Completed! And the paint's still wet.

A place I'm kind of enjoying.

wear your colors : : breathe in love : : feet on the ground

Another sweet spot that's kissable to me.

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