Sunday, April 13, 2014


Woke with a headache this morning. Not a particularly enjoyable way to rise, but there you have it. Two Aleve and a cuppa got me past the hypochondriac musings leaving me free to feel, somewhat, better.

As mentioned in a previous post, it's spring and, though I had Rusty in a safe pen, Havarti managed to find a way in to kick his bantam butt bloody again. Another morning of shifting raucous roosters. Crackers out to a new pen, Snowflake into the crate previously housing Crackers, Rusty from the warm bathroom to a newly cleaned crate . . . A veritable Musical Chairs. In between, there was the soaking of swollen eyes and wattle cleaning. Fun here is not lost on me, apparently. But, hey, it's only Sunday, right?

Waking up headache-y pretty much reduces my interest in doing much the rest of the day. Bennie, however, jumped into action working on watercolor (she's traveling along with me in Jane LeFazio's class) and then on her latest apples oil painting. While she was at it, she created a journal page in between watercolor and oil paintings.

I listened to the bonus call from Journey to the Center of Your Heart and caught up on some Finding Gypsy listening and viewing, but not much creating after that. It was mostly a tying of loose ends. Then we went out for awhile to soak in the sun and sketch. Just inky moodlings and sitting with Duke again.

Actually, I did manage to get this journal page going today based on a meditation. 
Bennie's watercolor explorations.

Bennie's burgeoning pile o' creativity.

And the apples in progress, oil on canvas . . . Bennie's again. 
I'll have to be content with what I've done here today.

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Ashling said...

Hope this finds you feeling better...