Wednesday, April 16, 2014

having a day

A page in the works.
We are deep into Spring Break. Soon the week will be over and then it's back to the Routine. Sleeping until the decadent hour of 7:00am has made me lazy and slothful, but in an enjoyable manner. The male Youths were elsewhere for the night, so the day was quiet. Bennie and I in the studio. Again. She spent most of her time following along with me on Jane LeFazio's Watercolor Sketchbook course ~ pine cones, pig nuts and acorns. Browns, blues and greens ~ muted tones for an easy day.

I spent part of the same time prepping a spread with various gesso's for Juliana Cole's offering through 21 Secrets. She likes to use masking tape to cover over a book page as she's altering it for journal exploration purposes. I like gesso. That is now ready for the next portion of the exercise which needs a quiet moment or two.

Bennie's watercolor explorations.
A strange compass and map are in the works for Cat Caracelo's Finding Gypsy Mythos course. I'm traveling this mythic journey as a pirate. Researching women pirates lead to some interesting discoveries. Firstly, that there were, indeed, a number of them. Secondly, that they were ruthless and shrewd, often taking over where their pirate husbands left off. Some of them dying at a healthy old age as grandmothers. So. A pirate's life for me! Poetically, for now, at least. I might even knit some sails . . .

I played with the pine cones, pig nuts and acorns, but felt a real need to get outside. We walked into the woods, checked on someone else's Sacred Space and then created a Medicine Wheel for the day. I like Muck boots. They are perfect for fickle weather. (There was snow on the ground again, godammit! And I had to bring another rooster in.) Those same boots are fantabulous for crossing the woodland stream, bubbling and babbling through. In the quiet pool at the edge, we created a wheel in the shallow water. Such attention and presence making art where you are ~ using what's in sight. It is a different experience than having tools and no less satisfying.

Today's Medicine Wheel with Trout Lily in the North.

Brownie keeping warm.

Sun at the lake's shallows.

Etchings in wood by worms.


Mike said...

Always an enjoyable read..

Mike said...

Always an enjoyable read..