Saturday, April 12, 2014

fresh air

Yes! Out doors! A fine sunny day to bring art supplies out to the future site of the next Backyard Tropical Art Oasis. It was so nice last summer, why not? Anyway, a blanket to soften a plastic settee, watercolor notebooks, paints, water brushes and phones (just in case) were all gathered and moved to a low table under the sun. Duke joined us and stayed the entire time as we sketched and painted. He also danced around us as we raked out the garden looking for shoots of peony, coreopsis, comfrey and echinacea.

It is this 'tween time of year that inspires me. Comfortable weather, nothing too extreme. A time begging you to walk barefoot awhile and with a few less layers than earlier in the year. It is a welcome change. As much as I adore being in the studio, trucking out supplies to play with outside becomes a mighty wonderful experience. We get to spend time with Nature and the Flock, finding things to draw and paint. Maybe even catch a sun snooze, resting the eyes to listen instead to the sounds of the season.

Duke and Bennie.
(She's actually sketching her moccasin.)

A quick sketch ~ corduroy shirt and chair.

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Shirley Douglass said...

How lucky you are to have a place to go out and be with nature and your art?! I love the out doors, so know how you feel. Thanks for sharing this with us.