Sunday, April 27, 2014

finishing up

Reworking a composition notebook to my liking.
I rarely plan my days. I'm a life coach's nightmare in this respect. There's the daily maintenance practices, which includes dressing appropriately, brushing my teeth and at least 10 minutes meditation (well, not every morning). Unless it's a Routine School Day, after that just about anything can happen and I pretty much roll with it. Sunday is one day generally free of fires needing to be put out or other important activities so it's even easier to let the day unfold like a linen table cloth on the banquet table of Life.

Aside from some minor home maintenance activities, I spent a large part of my day in either the kitchen or the studio. I love crock pot cooking. It frees me from tending food so I can make a mess elsewhere in the house. With sausage and peppers cooking away on its own I finished one spread and a recycled journal for 21 Secrets. The journal spread seems to need more time to . . . become something. It's a fair start, but not complete. Sometimes these things need a vision or, more likely, a lot of solitude with little distraction. It's a tough commodity with a full house on the weekends. The Trash Journal as offered by Effy was surprisingly delightful and quick. Nothing like pretty-patterned duct tape and linen to make a day happy.

A composition notebook used for the Women Who Run With the Wolves book group became the perfect specimen for said recycled journal. Though I may take a great many notes during book group activities, I rarely look at them again once the group has finished the book. It would have been nice to play with this recycled journal process a few years ago when my Youths would bring back hardly-used composition notebooks for me to toss. And then I'd be required to buy more for the next year! Even if the pages were written on they could have been painted over or even become a part of the journal art. Rather a waste.

Another finished section of the creative life: the shank of a sock I'm knitting for Bennie. The Herbology Socks (by Rachel Coopey) had some hefty twists and turns that needed repeating 8 times before reaching the heel flap. That will be started during Cosmos tonight. And it's only just the right sock . . . perhaps not so finished.

Still working these pages. There probably won't be any writing or ruminating here. She fills the pages on Her own.

My finished Trash Journal thanks to Effy's share. This will see some writing and ruminating!

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Elvina Dulac said...

GORGEOUS journal!!!