Wednesday, April 02, 2014

ferret & fowl

At any point in the day, anyone can engage in a little Other Sentient Being Therapy. Moments enjoying animal nature relaxes a body about as much as meditation. Such were my moments today. The usual shamatha I practice seems to have fallen to the wayside in the wake of minor chaotic activities ~ a Senior trip to New Orleans, a Sophomore trip to DC, renovations occurring in fits and starts. (In fact, I still can't practice asanas in my favorite spot and now my bedroom has been encroached upon. The closest I can come to practice is watching this.) At times like this it's enough remembering to brush my teeth in the morning. And though I've heard tell that chaotic times are precisely the times one needs to meditate, I can't seem to justify (rationally, at least) sitting when jumping into action seems to be the correct course. Well, I can Begin Again ~ it's not like I haven't done that before.

And so, after a day of minor mayhem, dishes undone, laundry in a perpetual spin, paperwork shuffling into my Sacred Space of its own accord, I left it all for a little Furred and Feathered time . . .


Ruth said...

1. When did you get a ferret?

2. The video of the turkey, but in particular of your voice and the voices of your family, made my day.

3. Ducks appear to have very little in the way of brain.

Dawn Zichko said...

We've had Tricksy about three years now. She was purchased in lieu of some sickly hamster for Bennie. Now that she's got a ferret, she'll never go back.