Wednesday, March 19, 2014

yeah . . . it's all about me

Getting interviewed might be an interesting way to learn about one's self. I would recommend finding a way to be interviewed, highly recommend it. Think about it a moment: there are a million questions you probably ask yourself everyday. What would I like to wear? What do I want to eat? Why on earth did I think it would be a good idea to post that photo? What the hell did I do all day? And was it worth it? An interview, however, offers questions outside the usual groove of mental looping, sometimes sparking new ideas and directions. And . . . that's pretty much what happened to me today.

For an hour this afternoon I got to chat with Wendi Kelly and Deb Dorchak of Life's Little Inspirations and Blue Sun Studio, respectively, in their Blue Sun Studio Expert Series. The focus: my way of living in this world. Which isn't something I much think about let alone talk about. I just sort of do it. Everyday. Sometimes I might skip a day with a hefty nap, but otherwise, I'm pretty much on task with the living thing.

The interview also includes how I am navigating Journey to the Center of Your Heart, a workshop being offered by Wendi and Deb. Aside from dealing with my different aspects, I'm now on the look out for lies I tell myself. Lies that keep me from progressing and finding my success. Owning up to being an Artist is a tough task when I've never shown my art in a gallery or sold it (at least not for much or it's given away) or have an art-centered business. However, if I look at my Life's Work, the Work of This God, I am an Artist ~ big lights marquee and everything. Because of a few technicalities, I lie to myself. Yeah, I'm just a homemaker with a freakin' hobby.

And so I share with you, My Interview. It's a rare occurrence to feel comfortable talking about myself and my passions in this life ~ Wendi and Deb made it easy. It was an honor to participate. Please, enjoy.

Blue Sun Studio Expert Series: Dawn Zichko

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It was great interviewing you today! I loved it!!! Thanks again!