Sunday, March 16, 2014

self-exploration and navel gazing

For the past couple of days, right on through most of this weekend, I've been catching up on Journey to the Center of the Heart. It's a workshop about finding one's center, holding to that truth to avoid the tailspin of self-sabotage and navigating some measure of success. (Success is is unique to each person ~ my measure might not be someone else's.) The workshop is a gift I've been enjoying for the past week as I listen to recordings made from last year and now the new recordings for this year. Deb Dorchak and Wendi Kelly are engaging, amusing and thought provoking, keeping a part of my brain busy and awakened. I'm on the lookout for new MPA's (Multiple Personality Aspects) hanging out in the dark recesses of my psyche, to learn more about them, myself, and put them all to better use. It seems to be a matter of being Present to Self in relation to self, to others, to one's environment. Presence makes a more response-able person.

I've also gotten the second month's worth of Spectrum material to get started on. What I'm enjoying here is the constant conversation with the Body. How do I feel today? How do I want to feel? What do those feelings look like in paint? Collage? Photo? It's embodying art.

Why do all this stuff? I've always had an idea that one can't possibly operate in the world or help others unless they've got a fair amount of their own stuff together. It's not perfect, never will be, but if I understand what my limitations are I may be of better service. I won't feel the need to rush head-on into a situation in Hera mode feeling I can save the world. Because I can't. I can, however, feel more integrated then move from that place with some certainty of being useful. Sometimes. As I said, it's not perfect.

The ever-burgeoning art journal ~ one of those places where I'm free to explore.

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