Sunday, March 30, 2014


It's not exactly overwhelm. Perhaps one thing more might tip this feeling into overwhelm. No, it's more like an aimless wandering. Projects are in those hazy progress states that, really, might need just a bit more focus than I'm giving each one, but I don't feel much like focusing. And yet I'm restless. Go figure. Tea and knitting perhaps. Cosmos is on which will certainly get me out of myself for an hour as I work a sock pattern and get through my personal studies.

I'm shaking things up in the journal for a few days. I've bumped into Juliana Coles via the 21 Secrets teachers list. Clicking on over to her site and Ning, I find I'm rather smitten. At this time, I'm enjoying the rawness and visceral edge to her sketchbooks and art. It is something I want to play with for awhile ~ see where it takes me. It's very possible the desire to touch that rawness of creativity is what has me restless and champing at the bit.

I have time. No need to rush these things.

A Southpaw Sketch makes its way onto the spread as I explore something a little different.


Ruth Merriam said...

Does your left hand know what your right hand's been up to? ;-)

Dawn Zichko said...

I often wonder.