Monday, March 17, 2014

beginning again . . . and again

This vehicle for my spirit, this body, needs yoga asana practice. Needs it like breathing because just breathing isn't enough right now. For the past couple of months, my house has been in various nomadic progressions of disarray (which is an oxymoron, but bear with me ~ construction dust does that to a person), robbing me of space and time to practice asanas. Taking a cue from the Oldest Youth (also interested in engaging in some kind of exercise practice) I decided to relocate my practice to the open, untouched expanse of our bedroom floor. All good, of course, until the rapidly progressing construction activities invade even there. Someone is very keen on getting the timbers properly conditioned throughout the house. I say let sleeping dust lie, but that's me.

And so . . . I gathered my mat, a strap and the iPod dock for some Anugama jams for the move upstairs. A little vacuuming (I do have dogs) and I was set for Downward Dog.

When beginning again, especially physical activity, especially if staring down the double-barrel of an impending 50th birthday, it's important to start carefully, slowly. As Shamanic Dream lilted into gentle, floaty tones, I creakily started a few Sun Salutations. One becomes mighty aware of a few things starting over. I could feel how tight my hips were from inactivity (good intentions of walking loosen hips they do not). In certain seated positions, the knees felt twice as stiff. I sensed Full Lotus would not be a goal today. And it wasn't. Relaxation Pose was a welcome relief overall.

The bliss I usually feel after a good, deep session of asanas wasn't achieved which was mildly disappointing. I could use some bliss right about now. Instead, satisfaction was found in accomplishing a practice unpracticed for too long. Sometimes, that has to be good enough. Besides, there's always tomorrow to continue beginning again.

Happy feet, happy mat. And now we begin . . .

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