Friday, March 21, 2014

and so it is Friday

It is an odd Friday. Bennie is home due to Superintendents' Day, a day off I still question after fifteen or so years of having children in school. All good though. A day off from the usual running about allows for studio time and . . . the beginnings of Spring Cleaning. I'm ignoring that for a little longer and playing in the studio though. Bennie is getting her cleaning mojo on ~ ever the Virgo.

What is it I'm noticing today? Well, it's sunny. Deceptively sunny. We went for a walk imagining balmy spring breezes, but were met instead with those lion-like gusts. It was a brisk walk. I am noticing how fed I feel after having broken fast on scrambled chicken and turkey eggs on toast. I am noticing how I'd really like to focus on creating something, but need to do it on the hop and quick because we will be leaving for the afternoon soon. This challenge is actually pushing me to make decisions about the direction today's images will take.

All that has been accomplished between us is a bag of old clothes and two spreads in two different books coated with gesso for two different reasons. And it's something I'll have to come back to tonight. Lighting candles makes it all Sacred though.

Candles lit, intentions set and waiting.

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