Friday, March 14, 2014

a March musing

It was my job to tend the flock this morning. Blessedly, it's a flock of fowl. A friend further up north is tending new lambs. At least I can sleep at night once the chickensduxturkeys are tucked in for the night. (Besides, Dirk is usually the one tucking them in.) Nothing to nurse but sweet dreams (with the crazy recall in the morning). However, and I've said it before, this Chop Wood Carry Water thing I do holds some deep meaning for me. Feeding the other beings living with us is something I can manage. There is only one deadline and it's easily met. There is only one goal ~ getting fed. So much easier than dispatching humans in a timely manner. A breeze compared to dealing with paperwork. Daunting phone calls? I'd really much rather scoop feed. Tending the flock also takes the edge off the guilt of skipping out on a walk.

Simple fulfillment. Simple work that gives me a sense of embodiment. It is still cold here at the ides of March. The snap of chill shakes me into awareness. Yes. I am here in this body which feels that chill yet detects a hint of spring in the air, nose to the breeze. This body carefully makes her way over the icy mud (trust me, it's both) with buckets of feed and water in service. The sun ricochets off the ice crystals forming in the snow from the thawing and freezing again. It hurts to have sight in such a dazzling moment, but worth every blink because it reminds me I'm here and, right now, the work of this God is to feed others. I've had to ask for help in chopping up ice so the turkey coop could be opened this morning. They still need to be out even if we can get food and water in ~ gotta stretch those massive wings, gotta strut. I wouldn't let them stand another day in the coop because the door couldn't be opened.

Doing this honorable chore (we are stewards to those other beings that live with us) holds my heart in constancy. It is a daily delight to see Duke thrum, strut and gobble. The Muscovy and I have conversations about the roosters they're sharing space with as they bob their heads, crests raised, hissing and waddling. All the Boyz (roosters) hop out and do their moves and crow as I pour out the grain for them. And then there are my Darlings, the hens! I love them best (don't tell the others) because they lay eggs. Those eggs are my return, the gift ~ even the joy of collecting them is a gift. We're getting turkey eggs this spring too. I save feeding the Inside denizen for last where it's warm.

This is my Chop Wood Carry Water. Before enlightenment and after ~ even if that enlightenment requires a strong cup of PG Tips first thing at sunrise.

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