Friday, February 07, 2014

studio stirrings

Mmmm . . . Genmaicha with matcha powder! Gets a woman going . . . but I digress. Now that spring has technically begun (check your Celtic/Pagan calendars or Archaeoastronomy), I begin to feel the need for spring cleaning. A feeling I generally try to ignore to my family's detriment. So when I look around the house and find myself mentally white gloving surfaces, it's time to implement a plan. That plan starts with delaying the cleaning a bit longer . . . How about Equinox? If not, the first place reorganizing (an maybe even cleaning) begins is the studio. The art work I had strung inconveniently across the studio has been taken down. The easel moved to center along with the new paint trolley. Stuff was moved down to the basement. A satisfactory amount of stuff moving for the day.

All the while, a painting was finished, another begun and a journal spread was created on the table. Bennie and Tom spent their afternoon painting Battletech Mechs. Ian made a blueberry pie. I am ready for pajamas and bed. It's been a long day. And there's the rest of the house to contend with soon enough.

Holding Tending Hand, acrylic on canvas.

Another in progress on the newly-located easel.

Shuffling the mess.

Journal spread happiness.

I'm rather enjoying the white space in this spread and may leave them, writing my musings in those spaces and then obscuring the writing a little with paints and matte medium.

Tom and Bennie doing some Mech Warrior painting.

Though Ian is rarely photographed, his pie made the cut.

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