Tuesday, February 11, 2014

freezing spring walk

Here in the northern hemisphere, it's hard to enjoy the elements as early spring is bereft of its balmy moments. As a Nature-loving Pagan-type person relating to Gaia as She is in this time is not without inherent challenges. I haven't walked for any length of time since before Yule. The weather, on the whole, has been less than inviting. So. Like a lot of warm-blooded folk, I've stayed indoors ~ moodling in the studio, cocooning in a Big Ass Red Chair while dozing through X-Files, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Sherlock or Northern Exposure. When I wake most mornings, after I've spent a minute recalling dreams (a revisited hobby with some bizarre results), meditating and a little tea, I think to myself, Y'know. Maybe I'll go for a walk today. Just bundle up and get out there and walk. One of two things occur at that juncture: 1) I go to the studio or office and get involved in Stuff or 2) I go out to feed the flock to discover how cold it really is and make a different decision. One that generally involves activity in a warmer space.

The cure, I have found, for such lackadaisical activity is to drive somewhere else for a walk. I love where I live. I'm lucky to have woods and a dirt road and little to no traffic, which makes it all too easy to be lazy about getting out for a walk ~ especially during those brutal early spring snow days. I live fairly close to West Point USMA, a place steeped in history and large stone buildings and is excellent for walking with its network of sidewalks and footpaths throughout the campus (only in areas accessible to the public). The energy is very different from where I live. Here at home is a feeling of some relative solitude, a small community and the whispers of rocks and trees. At West Point, thrums the pride and Warrior energies of cadets and colonels ~ it is rousing and courageous, stimulating. Like a marching band. And just what I needed. By the time I'd finished my walk I was all a-glow with pumping blood and beating heart, deeply embodied.

Now I want to find other places to walk.

O, those stone buildings!

At the dock.

Sun, tree, lamp.

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