Tuesday, February 18, 2014

avoiding run-around

Stating the obvious: it's been busy around here. A lot of Other People's Stuff has taken precedence over any studio time. And it's an olde tale. I take up Beginner Mind again: What would happen if . . . ? Fill in the blank. Dinner is made later than some would like, but I spent soul-feeding time in my space ~ sharing it, of course, with Bennie. There is some mild envy with her activity in the studio. She is free to do pretty much what she wants. No obligations. No dinners to cook. No laundry to clean. More often than not, I am fitting my creative time in between the dishes and managing the flock or laundry and paperwork. Cleaning house is another matter and not one I'll entertain in this post tonight. This soul was, as mentioned, fed on candle-lit tables and smoldering herbs and paint on her fingers and words flowing in spirals from her hands . . . and then re-entry to the world refreshed and ready to make Whistle Dogs for dinner.

A table set for creativity.

Spiral-bound words.

Another layer of an intuitive painting.
We are enjoying an odd, messy phase ~ this too shall pass.

The sweet spot for today ~ might be gone tomorrow.

As usual, the Studio Mascot has stolen my favorite chair.

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Fil said...

It's a pain when other people's stuff gets in the way ... I'm enjoying a week of mid term break from classes and it's been bliss getting a whole day where I can leave pages and boxes of stuff lying around the place :)
I love your spiral bound words - looks beautiful :)