Monday, February 03, 2014

another post-groundhog snow day

Two-hour school delays annoy me. The start-go-stop of the usual dispatch energy flow is jammed and it pretty much messes up the rest of the day. In short: either give me full day of school or call it a day. I had no problem with being snowed in (though four inches is hardly snowed in) with little reason to leave the mountain. Snow day. Thank you. The rest of the day allowed me to focus on things falling to the wayside ~ WWRWtW musings and creations, catching up on other online courses and artistic communities. Tea and paint, videos and paper tearing, photos and words. An immersion in studio life. Naturally, Bennie spent her day in the studio as well creating her visual journal pages (she wants to bind them in rag book form too). And working on her big painting.

One of the many videos I spent time with today was from Effy's BOD 2014 and the latest spread, What Feeds Your Soul? What, indeed. I've been relying heavily on photos lately and though Effy painted her entire spread (a lovely thing too), I gleaned photos in relation to what's feeding me now. A couple of totem animals I'm traveling with at this time of year, my working table with tea and Morning Pages and the Flame from my Vigils. These things, these practices, feed me. I'm glad to be reminded of them.

Late winter totem beings, my work table a-light and Brighid's Flame. All soul food.

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Ashling said...

I'm a big fan of snow days; yours sounds perfect.