Wednesday, February 26, 2014

making a mess

My day has been spent on less than satisfying activities. Evening finds me finally in the studio catching up on e-mails and Facebook and creating a few things, by golly. I'm behind on the art journal due to lack of time. Although, there really isn't such a thing as being "behind" in art journal creating ~ I'm doing it when I can. Where I am now. Beginner's Mind. A need for making a non-committal mess came to the fore. The spread coated in gesso, a paper plate ready for tempera paints, water and brushes. And then . . . I made a mess.

Best to let it sit overnight and see what comes to the surface tomorrow. The important thing: I had a good, relaxing time anyway. Precisely what  I needed.

First, aimless turquoise squiggles . . .

then another layer of white and silver . . .

finally, some crazy magenta before putting it to bed for the night.
See what tomorrow brings.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

avoiding run-around

Stating the obvious: it's been busy around here. A lot of Other People's Stuff has taken precedence over any studio time. And it's an olde tale. I take up Beginner Mind again: What would happen if . . . ? Fill in the blank. Dinner is made later than some would like, but I spent soul-feeding time in my space ~ sharing it, of course, with Bennie. There is some mild envy with her activity in the studio. She is free to do pretty much what she wants. No obligations. No dinners to cook. No laundry to clean. More often than not, I am fitting my creative time in between the dishes and managing the flock or laundry and paperwork. Cleaning house is another matter and not one I'll entertain in this post tonight. This soul was, as mentioned, fed on candle-lit tables and smoldering herbs and paint on her fingers and words flowing in spirals from her hands . . . and then re-entry to the world refreshed and ready to make Whistle Dogs for dinner.

A table set for creativity.

Spiral-bound words.

Another layer of an intuitive painting.
We are enjoying an odd, messy phase ~ this too shall pass.

The sweet spot for today ~ might be gone tomorrow.

As usual, the Studio Mascot has stolen my favorite chair.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

freezing spring walk

Here in the northern hemisphere, it's hard to enjoy the elements as early spring is bereft of its balmy moments. As a Nature-loving Pagan-type person relating to Gaia as She is in this time is not without inherent challenges. I haven't walked for any length of time since before Yule. The weather, on the whole, has been less than inviting. So. Like a lot of warm-blooded folk, I've stayed indoors ~ moodling in the studio, cocooning in a Big Ass Red Chair while dozing through X-Files, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Sherlock or Northern Exposure. When I wake most mornings, after I've spent a minute recalling dreams (a revisited hobby with some bizarre results), meditating and a little tea, I think to myself, Y'know. Maybe I'll go for a walk today. Just bundle up and get out there and walk. One of two things occur at that juncture: 1) I go to the studio or office and get involved in Stuff or 2) I go out to feed the flock to discover how cold it really is and make a different decision. One that generally involves activity in a warmer space.

The cure, I have found, for such lackadaisical activity is to drive somewhere else for a walk. I love where I live. I'm lucky to have woods and a dirt road and little to no traffic, which makes it all too easy to be lazy about getting out for a walk ~ especially during those brutal early spring snow days. I live fairly close to West Point USMA, a place steeped in history and large stone buildings and is excellent for walking with its network of sidewalks and footpaths throughout the campus (only in areas accessible to the public). The energy is very different from where I live. Here at home is a feeling of some relative solitude, a small community and the whispers of rocks and trees. At West Point, thrums the pride and Warrior energies of cadets and colonels ~ it is rousing and courageous, stimulating. Like a marching band. And just what I needed. By the time I'd finished my walk I was all a-glow with pumping blood and beating heart, deeply embodied.

Now I want to find other places to walk.

O, those stone buildings!

At the dock.

Sun, tree, lamp.

Friday, February 07, 2014

studio stirrings

Mmmm . . . Genmaicha with matcha powder! Gets a woman going . . . but I digress. Now that spring has technically begun (check your Celtic/Pagan calendars or Archaeoastronomy), I begin to feel the need for spring cleaning. A feeling I generally try to ignore to my family's detriment. So when I look around the house and find myself mentally white gloving surfaces, it's time to implement a plan. That plan starts with delaying the cleaning a bit longer . . . How about Equinox? If not, the first place reorganizing (an maybe even cleaning) begins is the studio. The art work I had strung inconveniently across the studio has been taken down. The easel moved to center along with the new paint trolley. Stuff was moved down to the basement. A satisfactory amount of stuff moving for the day.

All the while, a painting was finished, another begun and a journal spread was created on the table. Bennie and Tom spent their afternoon painting Battletech Mechs. Ian made a blueberry pie. I am ready for pajamas and bed. It's been a long day. And there's the rest of the house to contend with soon enough.

Holding Tending Hand, acrylic on canvas.

Another in progress on the newly-located easel.

Shuffling the mess.

Journal spread happiness.

I'm rather enjoying the white space in this spread and may leave them, writing my musings in those spaces and then obscuring the writing a little with paints and matte medium.

Tom and Bennie doing some Mech Warrior painting.

Though Ian is rarely photographed, his pie made the cut.

Monday, February 03, 2014

another post-groundhog snow day

Two-hour school delays annoy me. The start-go-stop of the usual dispatch energy flow is jammed and it pretty much messes up the rest of the day. In short: either give me full day of school or call it a day. I had no problem with being snowed in (though four inches is hardly snowed in) with little reason to leave the mountain. Snow day. Thank you. The rest of the day allowed me to focus on things falling to the wayside ~ WWRWtW musings and creations, catching up on other online courses and artistic communities. Tea and paint, videos and paper tearing, photos and words. An immersion in studio life. Naturally, Bennie spent her day in the studio as well creating her visual journal pages (she wants to bind them in rag book form too). And working on her big painting.

One of the many videos I spent time with today was from Effy's BOD 2014 and the latest spread, What Feeds Your Soul? What, indeed. I've been relying heavily on photos lately and though Effy painted her entire spread (a lovely thing too), I gleaned photos in relation to what's feeding me now. A couple of totem animals I'm traveling with at this time of year, my working table with tea and Morning Pages and the Flame from my Vigils. These things, these practices, feed me. I'm glad to be reminded of them.

Late winter totem beings, my work table a-light and Brighid's Flame. All soul food.