Sunday, January 19, 2014


It has been, even before Playoffs, a prolific day. (Though, I really ought to get outside for even a few minutes, a nap is calling. Loudly.) Since last night, there's been a surge of creativity in the studio. Which is good. Keeps me from unnecessary cleaning.

But first . . . a bit of Nature . . .

This is a female Northern Harrier or Marsh Hawk ~ if my Audobon is correct.
She was perched near the bird feeder outside my studio window. I'm glad the Cannon Sureshot worked for once.

Last night saw me in the studio slapping down strips of ripped paper with matte medium . . .

and some strips of atlas pages . . .

then a layer of matte medium mixed the turquoise tempera.
(Half the spread shows how I wiped away a lot of the color to reveal the textures.)

A nearly-finished spread.

Just the last bit added: a SoulCollage® image with writing typed into place.

A little ditty about facing my fears.
(Font by Tangie Baxter.)

Then I made space for some altar making. More to come on this.

I started another painting . . .

so did Bennie.

I'm feeling finished here.

I'm sensing a little more tweaking here . . .

but I am enjoying the expression of this image.

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