Wednesday, January 01, 2014

SoulCollage® for a New Year

We started yesterday evening, Bennie and I, creating SoulCollage® images. There are times we go long stretches without creating SoulCollage® images so when we sit down to do so it all happens like a torrent, a mudslide, a tsunami. We stop long enough to make more tea or eat something quickly, usually with fingers tacky from Mod Podge. Though there was a day filled with the putting away of a little xmas here and there, tending fowl and making dinner, the creative flood continued. Bennie made several cards (some unfinished from the last time we sat at the dining room table together). I made eight.

I gave myself the initial limitation of creating cards from images I'd collected in the past year and hadn't used. As always, I'm amazed at what comes through with certain limitations. The very first completed (Walking Into the Open), filled me with a deep, inexplicable joy ~ the kind that opens the flood gates to creating yet more. It all flowed on from there.

Tomorrow may see us packing away the magazines, X-acto's and Mod Podge for another undetermined SoulCollage® Mother Daughter date, but we had yesterday and today. A good, creative way to start the New Year ~ Happy Twenty Fourteen!

Walking Into the Open ~ the one that started it all for me.

Black Wolf Traffic

Doors Woman Dogs

Heart Container Prayer

Husky Woman Wolf

The Orange Princess

Patch-eyed Man Violin Boy

Wired Boy Ancient Woman

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Shirley Douglass said...

That sounds like such a nice day! I like your cards. Very interesting. Makes me want to get up and collage :-)