Thursday, January 16, 2014


Good reasons for practicing Process Art . . .

1. One need not be an Artist.
2. It is art that can be messy and imperfect. (In fact, it's rather encouraged.)
3. It is highly personal and is created to please or enlighten its creator.
4. Easily uses up supplies if one has accrued much with the idea of "using it someday."
5. Conversely, Process Art is just as easily created from Nothing.

6. May include images of other people's art or personal photos. (Process Art is rarely ever sold. Refer back to 3.)
7. Very Experimental in a Mad Scientist sort of manner.
8. Sometimes uses stuff bought from Home Depot.
9. Can be hung on the fridge.

10. Allows the Creatrix to ignore or bypass the Critic.
11. One's art may not please everyone. It is not designed to. (Again, refer to 3.)
12. Process Art is one that might not ever be finished, but grows and shifts over time.
13. Is just plain ol' fun and a delightful way to spend time with one's self.

Here are a few of my favorite Process Art people . . .

Effy Wild (A wonderful blend of courage and glitter!)
Donna Downey (Her Inspiration Wednesdays can be found on YouTube. Mad Scientist in action.)
Cat Caracelo (One who will take you on a Journey.)
Aviva Gold (My first, liberating, experience of Painting From the Source.)
Flora Bowley (Experiential, body-moving, expansive expression.)
Deborah Koff-Chapin (Founder of Touch Drawing ~ no way to explain it. You just gotta go there.)
Anne Marie Bennett (Kaliedosoul is a great source for SoulCollage® community and information.)

All in all, it is the creation of art, not the production of it, that nourishes a soul.

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