Saturday, January 04, 2014

negative space studio time

Xmas isn't exactly cleared away. Twelfth Night is in two days and I doubt I'll have the tree out by then either. Errands done on the fly earlier left an afternoon free to await service repairmen and to paint.

What really lit me up this afternoon painting was, again, playing with the negative spaces on the canvas. I put a piece I'd been playing with since this past summer's Bloom True course with a goal toward finishing it. There was a call to put something, some thing, on the splashes and drips and wild colors and muted colors. Some thing needed to be there. That something was a quick painted sketch of my left hand, another Southpaw Sketch. Once those lines were painted on, the negative spaces needed tending to. Black paint and sprayed water, wild, random drips. And so I lit up, Fire in the Belly, Spark of Inspiration, an Arc Light of Connection.

Then I had to make dinner. Chop wood, carry water.

This is the "leftover paint" painting enjoying some negative space development.

The sweet spot I wanna kiss.

A Southpaw Sketch emerging from the random strokes and drips.

Some more of that sweet spot.

In between, SoulCollage® cards were coated with Mod Podge.

I let Bennie borrow space on the easel awhile too!

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