Sunday, January 12, 2014

moving forward, ripping out

Imagine, for a moment, a photo placed somewhere . . . Here, perhaps. You would see, artistically arranged on my table, my huge journal, a couple of images created with the Art Journal Caravan prompts, the usual ephemera I have on the table and a hat partially ripped out. In which case, the title of this post might make sense. However, Google Blogger has opted to make my life insanely difficult by not allowing me to access photos from my computer.

With that photographic representation, you might get the idea I've been busy figuring out my shiny new 2014 life ahead. Along with the Art Journal Caravan images is Leonie Dawson's Create Your Amazing Year 2014 page showing a few gratitude for 2013 photos. That I'm delving into any sort of life planning for one year is monumental in and of itself. I'm generally busy putting out fires with spurts of artistic endeavors in between. This year, I want a plan. And an asbestos suit. So I'm playing at this goal-orienting, plan-making thing ~ see where it takes me. What have I got to lose?

Art Journal Caravan has become a surprising process. I'm learning quite a lot about Photoshop. I've got a pretty old version of PS, but it does enough new tricks for an old dog. Along with this online course, I've also signed on with Effy Wild again for BOD 2014 and Moonshine. VisionQuest 2014 is another journey to be enjoyed again. All different lenses, but all focusing on one thing: creative expression. Everyday.

The hat, in the process of ripping, was from this pattern made a couple of years ago and resurfaced in Bennie's room. The mohair I spun is still good. The pattern went astray mainly because I may have been running out of yarn. Having some vague recollection of the pattern now, I think I can tackle it again with some different yarn. The blue mohair (Oh. Right. You can't see that today.) can become something else.

In the meantime, I leave you with the only visual I can manage today . . .

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