Wednesday, January 29, 2014

make a book

It is . . . cold. I won't put a number on it. Hardly any point. It's just cold. A condition which does not, in any way, entice me to stand about outdoors. The flock is lucky it gets its feed and water. So in an effort to stay warm, I made a rag book.

This painting was created last year for the Women Who Run With the Wolves book group.
It wanted to become something else, something more compact.
I opted for the rag book, a fine way to recycle art.

The image was flipped over, measured out in 6" x 8" rectangles and then cut.
It came out to 18 pages. I cut, roughly, 9 wide strips of calico fabrics, stacked them and then sewed them together.
This is the spine.

Starting with the back of the  first page and the bottom fabric, Mod Podge was applied to glue the page to the spine.
Let dry completely or use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

The next page was aligned with the first. The second fabric glued down onto the back. Let dry.
Repeat for each page until all pages are glued and dry.

The top and bottom of the spine was cut into a fringe.

Now I have a small rag book for some quick art and journal writing.

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