Wednesday, January 29, 2014

make a book

It is . . . cold. I won't put a number on it. Hardly any point. It's just cold. A condition which does not, in any way, entice me to stand about outdoors. The flock is lucky it gets its feed and water. So in an effort to stay warm, I made a rag book.

This painting was created last year for the Women Who Run With the Wolves book group.
It wanted to become something else, something more compact.
I opted for the rag book, a fine way to recycle art.

The image was flipped over, measured out in 6" x 8" rectangles and then cut.
It came out to 18 pages. I cut, roughly, 9 wide strips of calico fabrics, stacked them and then sewed them together.
This is the spine.

Starting with the back of the  first page and the bottom fabric, Mod Podge was applied to glue the page to the spine.
Let dry completely or use a hair dryer to speed up the process.

The next page was aligned with the first. The second fabric glued down onto the back. Let dry.
Repeat for each page until all pages are glued and dry.

The top and bottom of the spine was cut into a fringe.

Now I have a small rag book for some quick art and journal writing.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Another late winter snowy day  meant busy-ness creating a myriad of things.
First, we finished these biddy dolls for Candelmas or Imbolc or Brighid or Groundhog Day.
They will be sent out Monday.

I cut up a painting in order to re-purpose it into a rag book.
It was an image created for Women Who Run With the Wolves.
The cuts were measured on the back side making the results random.

This spread was completed for BOD 2014.

A cigar box was transformed into an altar for Mari.
This is the front, closed.

This is one side.

The other side.

The top.
The bottom.

The front panel slid open

Inside of the front panel.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


It has been, even before Playoffs, a prolific day. (Though, I really ought to get outside for even a few minutes, a nap is calling. Loudly.) Since last night, there's been a surge of creativity in the studio. Which is good. Keeps me from unnecessary cleaning.

But first . . . a bit of Nature . . .

This is a female Northern Harrier or Marsh Hawk ~ if my Audobon is correct.
She was perched near the bird feeder outside my studio window. I'm glad the Cannon Sureshot worked for once.

Last night saw me in the studio slapping down strips of ripped paper with matte medium . . .

and some strips of atlas pages . . .

then a layer of matte medium mixed the turquoise tempera.
(Half the spread shows how I wiped away a lot of the color to reveal the textures.)

A nearly-finished spread.

Just the last bit added: a SoulCollage® image with writing typed into place.

A little ditty about facing my fears.
(Font by Tangie Baxter.)

Then I made space for some altar making. More to come on this.

I started another painting . . .

so did Bennie.

I'm feeling finished here.

I'm sensing a little more tweaking here . . .

but I am enjoying the expression of this image.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Good reasons for practicing Process Art . . .

1. One need not be an Artist.
2. It is art that can be messy and imperfect. (In fact, it's rather encouraged.)
3. It is highly personal and is created to please or enlighten its creator.
4. Easily uses up supplies if one has accrued much with the idea of "using it someday."
5. Conversely, Process Art is just as easily created from Nothing.

6. May include images of other people's art or personal photos. (Process Art is rarely ever sold. Refer back to 3.)
7. Very Experimental in a Mad Scientist sort of manner.
8. Sometimes uses stuff bought from Home Depot.
9. Can be hung on the fridge.

10. Allows the Creatrix to ignore or bypass the Critic.
11. One's art may not please everyone. It is not designed to. (Again, refer to 3.)
12. Process Art is one that might not ever be finished, but grows and shifts over time.
13. Is just plain ol' fun and a delightful way to spend time with one's self.

Here are a few of my favorite Process Art people . . .

Effy Wild (A wonderful blend of courage and glitter!)
Donna Downey (Her Inspiration Wednesdays can be found on YouTube. Mad Scientist in action.)
Cat Caracelo (One who will take you on a Journey.)
Aviva Gold (My first, liberating, experience of Painting From the Source.)
Flora Bowley (Experiential, body-moving, expansive expression.)
Deborah Koff-Chapin (Founder of Touch Drawing ~ no way to explain it. You just gotta go there.)
Anne Marie Bennett (Kaliedosoul is a great source for SoulCollage® community and information.)

All in all, it is the creation of art, not the production of it, that nourishes a soul.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


It is the Full Wolf Moon . . . What more can I say? Though the moon's energies will be a-howlin', It's my aim to continue on with a relatively quiet night. I've knitting to do. There are books to go through ~ WWRWtW, The Desire Map and maybe a little Heart of the Visionary. Mainly knitting though. Late in the day, I finally managed to get some art done. My healing salve after a tense day. I'll be howling. Film at eleven.

A slap-dash happy application of Dr. Ph. Martin's in Tangerine, Aqua and Turquoise.

Then I added the moon.

And then I wrote stuff in my favorite new way ~ spiral writing. An old Lazy Susan helps with this.
Peace out.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

getting it out of my system

Feeling under the weather, having had plenty of weather over me ~ snow, ice, rain. So with a bit of a cold, not much has been going on in the studio the past couple of days. There's a fair dent in the Big Ass Red Chair from a warmly cocooned body in repose watching Northern Exposure (the full collection, thank you) and Cadfael (though I'm still miffed Netflix removed the series). That is about as much activity as I could muster. And home made chicken soup. Made by me.

Having finally reached the level of Stir Crazy this evening after a light dinner, I ventured over to the table to play with another spread while watching and listening to Effy for BOD 2014. Inspiration . . .
Tie-dye paper napkins plied with matte medium . . .
then a layer of gesso . . .

charcoal sketch of my left hand (been awhile) . . .

playing with my favorite negative spaces . . .

and letting that black paint scream across the page.
Now we let this image sleep on it for the night.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

problem solved . . . for now

Go figure. Works like a charm in Explorer.
Anyway here is the photo referred to on the previous post.

moving forward, ripping out

Imagine, for a moment, a photo placed somewhere . . . Here, perhaps. You would see, artistically arranged on my table, my huge journal, a couple of images created with the Art Journal Caravan prompts, the usual ephemera I have on the table and a hat partially ripped out. In which case, the title of this post might make sense. However, Google Blogger has opted to make my life insanely difficult by not allowing me to access photos from my computer.

With that photographic representation, you might get the idea I've been busy figuring out my shiny new 2014 life ahead. Along with the Art Journal Caravan images is Leonie Dawson's Create Your Amazing Year 2014 page showing a few gratitude for 2013 photos. That I'm delving into any sort of life planning for one year is monumental in and of itself. I'm generally busy putting out fires with spurts of artistic endeavors in between. This year, I want a plan. And an asbestos suit. So I'm playing at this goal-orienting, plan-making thing ~ see where it takes me. What have I got to lose?

Art Journal Caravan has become a surprising process. I'm learning quite a lot about Photoshop. I've got a pretty old version of PS, but it does enough new tricks for an old dog. Along with this online course, I've also signed on with Effy Wild again for BOD 2014 and Moonshine. VisionQuest 2014 is another journey to be enjoyed again. All different lenses, but all focusing on one thing: creative expression. Everyday.

The hat, in the process of ripping, was from this pattern made a couple of years ago and resurfaced in Bennie's room. The mohair I spun is still good. The pattern went astray mainly because I may have been running out of yarn. Having some vague recollection of the pattern now, I think I can tackle it again with some different yarn. The blue mohair (Oh. Right. You can't see that today.) can become something else.

In the meantime, I leave you with the only visual I can manage today . . .

In order to select an item from your online storage, please sign in.

Monday, January 06, 2014

I ruin tea

Technically, that is. I ruin tea. I have a variety of teas. I have two go-to herbs, in embarrassing amounts, dried hiding in the Lazy Susan ~ the only place they'll fit in my kitchen ~ nettles and oatstraw. Those are infused ala Susun Weed. The teas, however, are handled differently. There's the bagged variety lying about ~ Republic of Tea, PG Tips, Tazo. There are the loose, full-leaf teas ~ Darjeeling, Lapsang Souchong, Genmaicha (an earthy favorite these days). Those loose-leaf varieties are all purchased from Mountain Rose Herbs. I recently purchased (at half price, thank you) a tea . . . thingy or some technical tea item I can't remember the word for from Samovar. I watched the tea videos that came with my purchase. Lovely, interesting information and exact directions on how to brew their lovely Ocean of Wisdom and Ryokucha teas (also included in my half-price package). And that's all well and good and ducky. However. I really like to add honey and half-n-half to my tea. Any tea. Except anything with lemon or hibiscus ~ which I rarely bother with because I can't add honey and half-n-half without it curdling. Technically, that is ruining tea. My confessional for a Monday.

Meanwhile, in the studio today (with tea) . . .

Tea bowl at the ready, the Twelve Nights of Solstice recently offered by Cat Caracelo is ready for binding.

My studio mascot, Obiwan Kenobi, naps on his heated bed as the birds dine in the window.

Golden wings . . .

an old key and Pan . . .

talking to the mycelium . . .

a mermaid, by golly . . .

something Crow showed me . . .

Elen of the Ways meets me again . . .

climb the ladder.
The Smilebox is a flip for all 12 pages.

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A journal spread using cut out paint chips created from the Fiskars AdantEdge Punch System . . .

the other half awaiting ruminations.