Friday, November 08, 2013

an artist's resurrection

First, a journal spread I started last night . . .

Second layer . . .

a third layer . . .

the final stenciling . . .

I am enjoying the double-vision effect here.
Ready for ruminating.

In the meantime, I'm gathering older art to add to my VisionQuest Stringing Stories . . .

It won't be very chronological, but it can be shifted anyway I like.

My Magenta Hippopotamus with other strange beings.
I finished this painting in 2004. I remember some of the things going on then ~ renting and building, packing and moving, trying to maintain my art practice. I felt flattened, primal, humble. Hippopotamus offered herself as my Dream Horse, One Who Would travel underwater with me to dreams and emotions.

Magenta Hippo holding, taking in, the Odd Doll.

Ginger, chili pepper and a large gray woman.

For some time after painting this image, I felt the doll was being swallowed ~ like Jonah by the whale ~ but now that I've brought her back out for these photos, I've more of a sense of holding.

This ginger reminds me of the Radish Spirit in Spirited Away.

She is tired and hungry and over full.

Moth Village was finished in 2000. We were living at my mother's and I'd discovered Painting From the Source. A liberating experience for me as an artist recovering from Academia.

Sarasvati emerged.

This Cosmic Earth Mother birthed Herself.

Here is the village on the leaf.

And the moth that is the village's sky.

Heart Container had been finished in 2008. We were in our home at this time, but with still so much going on. The black heart reminded of that Black Heart of Innocence from the Feri Tradition. This painting made me feel connected to purpose ~ energized and alive.

She is in trance, speaking, singing while Others watch over her shoulder.

Her hands form the heart container.

A haiku by Kanshu.

One morning, around this time, Bennie was having a rough time before school so I let her paint this starfish in any way she liked. Yes, it's Patrick from SpongeBob Squarepants.

I let my star fish make rainbows.

This is a favorite part of this painting to get lost in.

Now I can add these images to my Story.

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