Sunday, November 24, 2013

Advent before Solstice

A reminder from Beth Owl Daughter was found in my Inbox yesterday ~ today is the day of Solstice Advent. So I hauled out Ye Ol' Compendium to jog my memory of what the First Light represented then Bennie and I got to work gathering the seasonal altar items. This morning the lighting is for the stones, bones and shells, the Light within those things.

The candle can dance through our day full of football and creativity, a reminder, aside from the obvious weather conditions, that winter is truly underway. Mmm . . . curling up with good books, tea and a cat by the fire. Maybe knit some socks. Spin wool. Or do Nothing ~ one of my favorite things to do.

Our laughing Hotei presides over the Advent Garden lights.


Shirley Douglass said...

Such a beautiful altar!

Ashling said...

Thank you for this was exactly what I needed right now.