Saturday, October 26, 2013


It is a quiet Saturday. Blessedly quiet. My People have been busy with their things while Bennie joined me in the studio to tackle more Bloom True. I've heard mention a few times how these sorts of intuitive paintings go into ugly, weird phases that require some working through ~ finding the one good thing that might keep one going or stepping back and certainly including one's own unique imagery. I remembered I like to draw my left hand when feeling directionless. Since that was what I felt approaching canvases today, it's what I did.

While I might not paint this way forever, it's been a fun journey (for both Bennie and me) discovering new ways to play with the medium. I've found I like spraying water on the fluid acrylics and letting the drips drizzle where they may. I like painting with my fingers. I like swizzling (it's a technique) and twirling a thin paint brush aimlessly across the canvas, like making a road on my imaginary map. Finding My Own True Way in this process is slowly emerging. There are times I need to step away from the easel and let that Muse, that Genius, find me unawares. Though Flora encourages working with painting in that moment rather than planning, I've found my best inspirations arriving unannounced while somewhere else. That piece of inspiration might make it to the canvas, but I try to stay flexible letting it become something else when necessary. In essence, I'm thinking and living painting process all the time. A fair blissful state, that is.

Bennie's layers for today.

And the spot she likes.

My southpaw addition.

And my sweet spot.

Bennie's bitty.

My bitty with another southpaw.

Finished off with a random saori weaving shot.


Ashling said...

"Living your painting process" sounds like a pretty excellent way to go through your days, and what a blessing to share it with your daughter.

Ruth said...

Your paintings are more approachable from this distance due to your explanations.

Sorry about Fidget. :-(