Sunday, October 13, 2013

creative being

Painting and more painting ~ it's all Bennie and I have been living for this past week. We'd been lying in wait for Saturday to come just so we could paint. That activity waited until the afternoon, after taking an ailing rooster into the vet then going back to pick him up for a backyard burial. Fidget is out by the turkeys now, facing the sunset. At least we could paint. There is solace in simple things.

Bennie's canvas.

Bennie's other canvas.

My canvas.

My other.
(Which reminds of colors a Neil Gaiman character wore.)

Bennie's canvas with added values.

And the other, same deal.

Me playing with layers.

And again.

My woven journal page with Fidget's feathers tucked in and Mod Podged.

Fidget in his better days.

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Ashling said...

So sorry about your rooster.....