Sunday, September 01, 2013

tiny work

Sunday plans made for only a little time in the studio today. But I made good use of my time this morning. The landscape on the easel is waiting another day, perhaps tomorrow, for more direction. So while I was watching James Burke's Connections on YouTube, I started my spread for the coming week. Or maybe it will be art that stands on its own in the journal. See what tomorrow brings . . .

But let me back up a bit here: I am so elated, just deliriously delighted, to have found Connections! It was an honest to gosh total geek show back in the late 1970's I used to watch on PBS with my mother. Burke would start with the most ordinary object and through a series of, you got it, connections would end with how that object's contribution formed something new in technology. It wouldn't always be objects either. There would be events or human plights that would lead to some new invention. It looks like the entire Connections library can be found at YouTube! If not, then there's enough 1970's geekery to be lost in for a few days at least. And it's good listening while painting. (As is, I am finding, any of the videos with Bettany Hughes.) All of which I was able to get so much started on today's spread.

Copper hair, porcelain skin and the beginnings of Faery wings.

Words noted. (Hat tip to Hope.)

More painting yet to do ~ perhaps during another episode of Connections.

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