Sunday, September 29, 2013

my so-called Instagram life

Generally, I have my not-so-smart Smart phone with me for Instagram moments during the day. It's only a Samsung Dart (thank you, Walmart) with dodgy reception on the whole (thank you, T-Mobile) so I'm usually snapping those pics while in the moment and then waiting until there's decent wireless connectivity. I suppose I could go through the whole upgrade thing, but I've rather come to endure the challenge. Besides, the limitations force me to make rational choices about the images I choose to share rather than inflicting everything I see upon the world (thank you, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). Today was a lovely day in the yard (still we lament the deconstruction of the Backyard Tropical Oasis), easily spent spinning and hanging out with the turkeys. They love to hang out with humans ~ really. I can't get over this aspect of turkeys. It's a pleasure and they have such personality.

The other nifty thing about Instagram is how nearly every morning I can take a visual walk with my cousin in the UK as she hones in on pictorial delicacies along the way. I get to see her town and what sorts of things inspire her on those walks. I can join Joanna Powell Colbert in Taos while on retreat delighting in adobe sites and big skies. Through Effy Wild's visual shares, I get to watch her painting process in still life ~ such a contrast to watching her videos. Each share is a moment encapsulated for all to see. I simply enjoy the visual connections ~ moments in a person's life, pixilated and framed.

Bennie sketching while Duke watches.

Duke enjoying the sun.

Piwaqit helping me spin.



Dionne the Tea Priestess said...

Lovely Dawn! You highlighted some of the reasons I adore Instagram too. And I love seeing your turkeys and spinning!

Effy said...

I really, really love (and get!) this ode to Instagram. xo

Ashling said...

Bliss in a photo essay.