Saturday, September 14, 2013

long slow Saturday

A happy mess.
 It's a weekend of recovering from the first week of school. While I would have dearly loved to have slept in this morning, Dirk made plans to go fishing on the Sound with his brother. Jim likes to leave real early for fishing. In essence, the alarm was set for another school day. And so, my day in the studio started early. Meditation and Morning Pages (trying to get back on track here), clearing out the huge collection of read e-mails (many of which I will swear I've deleted as they've been read) and starting the journal spread for this week. Oh, and loading up the Chapter 2 art prompts for the Women Who Run With the Wolves book study group.

I also spent time catching up on a few of my online courses. Today's journal spread inspiration came from Effy via her Moonshine: Mother course. As I heard her say something about putting an egg at her image's heart, when I glanced over, the image showed something else. (I'm often playing art videos while working on my own art so I'm not always watching the screen.) And so I thought to myself, I think I'd like to make that heart a nest. As I painted, I thought of the night sky and how this Mother image wears a cloak of the night time stars. I also thought: It isn't that I've abandoned my biological mother, but I've adopted another Mother. She wears that velvet cloak of night ~ soothing darkness, pin pricked with stars and galaxies.

Since I opted to "paint" with craft glue again, I'll have to finish Her tomorrow. I am so glad for the inspiration today ~ especially as I think I would have napped myself silly otherwise.

Painting in the night sky background.

More color blocked in, but now we wait until the glue is completely dry.
A gratuitous shot of some sexy turkey.

And a the Classic Turkey photo.

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