Thursday, September 05, 2013

lament: the very last day of summer

It is with deep irony school begins in my neck of the woods tomorrow. On Friday. I'll spare the rant. The point is, we are back on Schedule . . . 5:45am, kick Ian awake for shower, then meditate ten minutes, rouse Bennie, go down, set out lunch money, make tea, stand in the center of the room and direct my voice in the appropriate direction for human dispatch in a timely manner. It's what I do. Once everyone is out the door and on the bus, I can move into my day.

I worked a little while on my Women Who Run With the Wolves art project. Wild Woman was created using an image from a self-portrait and a wolf's face, creating a masked woman. The howling wolf and a quote from the first chapter were also added and coated with clear gesso ~ ready for more painting. I don't think the face in this image can pass for the 29 Faces challenge. However, as this last day of summer was fraught with busy-ness, I've included a face from my summer. A sort of Midsummer memory . . .

WWRWtW Chapter 1 mixed media in progress.

Masked self image as Wild Woman and a quote by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

My Summer Fae woman ~ gone for anther year.

**29 Faces link here**


Paper rainbow said...

OOOOOh love this one too! I do so adore dragonflies and fairies!!

Cozycomfycouch said...

Soooooo beautiful!!