Thursday, September 12, 2013

clearing the easel

As we move deeper into this autumnal season, I'm ready to move on. There's work on the easel that needs a home. Either in a safe place or hung up as a daily reminder to keep on creating. Or rather, they are still in process. The journal is an easy thing to manage ~ done with a page, turn it. Go on to the next. Clearing the easel requires some sensible decisions. Sometimes the easel holds Bennie's work as well until it has a home.

In the meantime, the personal studies are shifting. I've fallen out with discipline ~ skipping meditation in the morning (still adjusting to the school-time schedule), missing out on my Morning Pages (same reason), trying to keep up with my reading, writing and creating. Until the schedule becomes second nature again, some things are falling by the wayside. Which costs. It costs me peace of mind and alignment and integrity. Remembering to breathe is the work of this God. At least I practiced asanas.

On the easel.

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