Tuesday, September 03, 2013

because I needed willow

This was supposed to be that Back To Work sort of day, but it wasn't really. Sure, a few things were taken care of, but other than that, it was a day lost in planning for tomorrow and getting chicken feed. Because we were out of chicken feed. The chickens have no issue alerting one to that fact by following one en masse from the front step to the car in an eerie Hitchcock-ian sort of manner.

It was there, at the feed store, I saw her from across the near-empty parking lot sporting a cheap and tawdry 60% OFF sign ~ a willow. On sale. Deep discount for the end of the year. I mentioned this to Dirk who said something along the lines of, Where are we going to put it? and Let's see where you're thinking of putting this tree. All of which rather ticked me off. It happens sometimes that I feel deep in my bones, that something is just the right thing. This tree needed to come home with me, but I had to do some convincing ~ which drove me bananas.

We left with the feed and no tree. I pouted. Then I made my point with Bennie at my side (she's usually my champion in most things sensible). Dirk relented after offering a withering alternative of a fruit tree. (I don't want fruit! I want poetry!) However, we had another errand to attend to before going back to the feed store to purchase the willow. And I had a strong sense it had to be done today.

Getting back to the feed store after running the errand, another woman was shopping for shrubbery. Before she could even think, I grabbed the tag and went in to pay for my willow. It was a tremendously awesome deal at 60% off, plus our earned $10 off for all the shopping we do there ~ which Dirk could not deny or refuse. As we were loading the willow into the van the shrubbery-shopping woman asked what kind of tree it was. A willow. Oh, very pretty! Yes. Yes, it is.

So. She is planted in the southern part of our yard where the ground sort of slopes and seems to be pretty wet, but far from the leach field. I hope she'll do well there. I'm looking forward to green-to-gold leaves hanging from long, weeping branches.

Then we went to the lake where I sketched the face for today (I've joined The 29 Faces challenge) and enjoyed the evening.

Salix alba 'Niobe'

Up close

To the East

To the West

A face in honor of Willow

29 Faces


Melita Rafanelli said...

I love the willow face. Very original :)

rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

I have to admit, for a moment I was with Dirk on fruit tree … until you said, "I don't want fruit! I want poetry!" And I gave into the willow.

Love this.

And the willow face is perfect. ♡

Uuna said...

Very nice faces and what an eyes, wow!

irene said...

lovely story. i like that your don't want fruit but poetry instead.

irene said...

lovely story. i like that your don't want fruit but poetry instead.

Erika Nittel-Traser said...

Oh, so niice! I am a willow lover too. Your face is amazing!

Ruth said...

Love the web in the photo to the West. :-)

We picked up a couple of peony bushes a couple of weeks ago. Will need to call in a landscaper to do the work we want done to the front yard, which will include a lot of grass removal, ivy planting, peony moving and the planting of the new ones, and at long last, the planting of our 5-year-old maple sapling.

Can't you eat fruit while writing poetry?