Sunday, September 29, 2013

my so-called Instagram life

Generally, I have my not-so-smart Smart phone with me for Instagram moments during the day. It's only a Samsung Dart (thank you, Walmart) with dodgy reception on the whole (thank you, T-Mobile) so I'm usually snapping those pics while in the moment and then waiting until there's decent wireless connectivity. I suppose I could go through the whole upgrade thing, but I've rather come to endure the challenge. Besides, the limitations force me to make rational choices about the images I choose to share rather than inflicting everything I see upon the world (thank you, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter). Today was a lovely day in the yard (still we lament the deconstruction of the Backyard Tropical Oasis), easily spent spinning and hanging out with the turkeys. They love to hang out with humans ~ really. I can't get over this aspect of turkeys. It's a pleasure and they have such personality.

The other nifty thing about Instagram is how nearly every morning I can take a visual walk with my cousin in the UK as she hones in on pictorial delicacies along the way. I get to see her town and what sorts of things inspire her on those walks. I can join Joanna Powell Colbert in Taos while on retreat delighting in adobe sites and big skies. Through Effy Wild's visual shares, I get to watch her painting process in still life ~ such a contrast to watching her videos. Each share is a moment encapsulated for all to see. I simply enjoy the visual connections ~ moments in a person's life, pixilated and framed.

Bennie sketching while Duke watches.

Duke enjoying the sun.

Piwaqit helping me spin.


Thursday, September 26, 2013


I slide into these sometimes. These fuzzy times of Do Nothing. It's not boredom or ennui or even the dread Artistic Block. It's what Jill Badonsky refers to as Lull. I'm in Lull Time. So I do a little of this and a little of that and I keep up on my personal studies in tiny increments. What matters is I'm doing something even though I'm doing Nothing. It is a practiced art.
A wheel I'm working on in one group . . .

A Moonshine: Mother spread . . .

Mother detail . . .

and closer in.

A BOD 2013 spread . . .

and again sans hand.

Child of the Universe spread . . .

the lyrics by Karen Drucker . . .

me as a child.

Today's spread using gel medium and stencil to create texture . . .

my self-portrait . . .

the blank, textured page waiting for words.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

@ this Equinox

It seems building an altar is my art this weekend . . .

the gathering of soul-tending things . . .

letting space form itself in a mandala . . .

connecting with Source.
Autumnal Equinox Blessings.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

duck pond

There was work to be done today ~ between Sunday Morning and pre-game shows, of course. It is, after all, football season. Anyhow, we finished the pond for Bennie's still-yet-to-be-named ducklings, hauling dirt for portions that needed shoring up and moving rocks for portions needing some battening down. The ducklings have effectively decimated nearly all plant life in my garden (it was kind of done anyway ~ I have to get better dirt), so it was time to move them out. Fidget had been sharing this space with them and I think he'd gotten kinda used to the little buggers, but we need to get him back with his own kind.

While we hauled dirt and rocks, Duke and Duchess walked around the yard. I'd never realized how much turkeys like humans. Duke is usually not far from us as we putter about. Duchess is still a little skittish, but also close by. (She likes to pick at Duke's feathers for cleaning.) I might have gotten turkeys sooner had I known of their natures ~ calm, docile, easy to herd back into the pen. Such a contrast from chickens and their headless reactions to everything.

Once the ducklings were moved into the pen with the pond and after a little inspection of the new place, they dove right into the water. One of them even dove and swam under the water! It's these small pleasures living with feathered or furred beings bring.

The dug-out with liner waiting for German Engineering and water.

Dirk fortifying the fence.

Me sorta helping with the fence fortifications.

Duchess and Duke wander the yard while we work.

Dirk checking the pond structure as the ducklings cavort.

Happy ducklings!

Working on the finishing touches tonight.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

long slow Saturday

A happy mess.
 It's a weekend of recovering from the first week of school. While I would have dearly loved to have slept in this morning, Dirk made plans to go fishing on the Sound with his brother. Jim likes to leave real early for fishing. In essence, the alarm was set for another school day. And so, my day in the studio started early. Meditation and Morning Pages (trying to get back on track here), clearing out the huge collection of read e-mails (many of which I will swear I've deleted as they've been read) and starting the journal spread for this week. Oh, and loading up the Chapter 2 art prompts for the Women Who Run With the Wolves book study group.

I also spent time catching up on a few of my online courses. Today's journal spread inspiration came from Effy via her Moonshine: Mother course. As I heard her say something about putting an egg at her image's heart, when I glanced over, the image showed something else. (I'm often playing art videos while working on my own art so I'm not always watching the screen.) And so I thought to myself, I think I'd like to make that heart a nest. As I painted, I thought of the night sky and how this Mother image wears a cloak of the night time stars. I also thought: It isn't that I've abandoned my biological mother, but I've adopted another Mother. She wears that velvet cloak of night ~ soothing darkness, pin pricked with stars and galaxies.

Since I opted to "paint" with craft glue again, I'll have to finish Her tomorrow. I am so glad for the inspiration today ~ especially as I think I would have napped myself silly otherwise.

Painting in the night sky background.

More color blocked in, but now we wait until the glue is completely dry.
A gratuitous shot of some sexy turkey.

And a the Classic Turkey photo.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

clearing the easel

As we move deeper into this autumnal season, I'm ready to move on. There's work on the easel that needs a home. Either in a safe place or hung up as a daily reminder to keep on creating. Or rather, they are still in process. The journal is an easy thing to manage ~ done with a page, turn it. Go on to the next. Clearing the easel requires some sensible decisions. Sometimes the easel holds Bennie's work as well until it has a home.

In the meantime, the personal studies are shifting. I've fallen out with discipline ~ skipping meditation in the morning (still adjusting to the school-time schedule), missing out on my Morning Pages (same reason), trying to keep up with my reading, writing and creating. Until the schedule becomes second nature again, some things are falling by the wayside. Which costs. It costs me peace of mind and alignment and integrity. Remembering to breathe is the work of this God. At least I practiced asanas.

On the easel.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Let the sweet memories of the Beloved Dead be a reminder to live.

9/11 Memorial Lights for the Twin Towers
Photo found here.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

additions to the family

This past Sunday was Bennie's birthday. She'd been wanting ducks so we took a ride. Got some duck(ling)s. And a pair of turkeys. The ride back was mildly amusing with four ducklings peeping and a large Tom turkey bumping into my elbow. Luckily, it was a mellow ride. Getting them out was another thing.

Since we acquired new feathered friends and knowing winter is happening sooner rather than later, it was also time to re-vamp the coop. Which Dirk and I did today. As a result, not much creative activity in the studio, but a fine sense of animal husbandry accomplishment makes up for the loss.

Forgot to mention the Datura!

The Quartet.

The Duke and Duchess of Skywalker.
Duke is trying to show off for Duchess (the white hen behind him)

A few of the boys getting ready to roost.
It was a little confusing for the flock which required Dirk and I to round up a few.

An odd collaged face inspired by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.

**29 Faces link HERE **

Saturday, September 07, 2013

sweet and low down

I've had a host of male youths here overnight. It's interesting to note how a full Nerf® gun armory can still get seventeen-year-olds into soft-shooting frenzy on manic proportions. They've all cleared out now and the house is nearly back to normal with dinner yet to be made . . . Bennie and I spent most of the day on our respective painting projects and sitting by the garden. Sadly, the Backyard Tropical Oasis has been put away for the season so now we're left with benches and the hammock.

My completed mixed media for Chapter 1 WWRWtW.

The howling haiku.

Bennie's oil painting in progress.

My garden-side face for today.

**29 Faces link HERE**

Friday, September 06, 2013

back to school

Yes. First day. Actually, it all went better than I thought it would. Maybe it's because I only had to dispatch two humanoids instead of three. No matter. The day was done and I was able to spend some time creating. First, I shared the state of my studio with Milliande on her Facebook page. (The Ning site is shutting down soon.) It doesn't look like a whole lot is going on, but the photo was taken early in the morning.

The day was a meander from that point on ~ sharing a journal spread, going through course materials, creating a medicine wheel . . . just a gentle, seamless moving from one thing to another. Including a few domestic chores.

My main focus was to create my Seeker for Finding Gypsy. Playing with watercolor, on smoked paper using salt and rubbing alcohol and then borrowing a painted face from the internet. Before I knew it, everyone was home. Though, it was a Friday with a Monday feel, it was a good day ~ all the better knowing the weekend is underway.

The studio in early morning.
And then a little later in the day.
My Seeker image.
A loose gesture sketch of the same face for 29 Faces.

**29 Faces link HERE**