Thursday, August 08, 2013

what gets done

I have more shop drawings in my near future. Hours at the computer doing what needs doing in order to pay the bills ~ maybe buy some art supplies and wool. Pending work. In the meantime, I play with the journal spreads. Not having those nifty (ah, there's that word again) Gelli plates, I made use of an old technique I bumped into 15 years ago called Touch Drawing. Drawing Out Your Soul by Deborah Koff-Chapin was one of those books I ordered out of curiosity from One Spirit (remember them?). It's a thin little tome, but worth reading for Deborah's journey into her discovery of Touch Drawing and how she uses the practice. The basic idea is to roll out ink or oil paint or acrylic (though it doesn't work as well as oil) using a brayer on a smooth surface, lay down a sheet of paper, tracing paper is a good idea, and then just "draw" with your fingers. When the paper is pulled off the inked surface, the result is an image from where your fingers pressed the paper into the ink. I was hooked at my first session after reading the book.

So watching Effy working the Gelli plate printing for this week's BOD theme, I thought Touch Drawing would be a fine substitute using what's on hand, so to speak. The results were pleasing . . .

My BOD spread with Touch Drawing print.

With white acrylic added.

Right hand page.

Textured left hand page.

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