Sunday, August 18, 2013

touch drawing, winding bobbins

I was somewhere else yesterday . . . I've returned, though somewhat weary.

Anyhow. I was in the studio and napping alternately today, this lazy Sunday. (X-Files is fine nap viewing.) But that was today. What's included in the timeline, is Friday where I did some Touch Drawing. While waiting for other paintings to dry, I hauled out the Lexan and oil paint and brayer, found tracing paper and cut down some drawing paper, then commenced to creating.

There are things one forgets when practice is left by the wayside. Usually, what's forgotten is how good the practice was for one's soul. That's when one, such as myself, has to back track to Beginner's Mind and start over. Friday, I was a beginner again at Touch Drawing ~ experimenting with leaves and flowers, changing from tracing paper (which allows you to see what you're drawing) and drawing paper (which is like drawing blind), adding other colors which easily got lost in the Lamp Black. Touch Drawing requires loose shoulders and no expectations and lots of paper at the ready. All three were present for me that day.

Black oil paint rolled out and over leaves and flowers . . .

a piece of tracing paper laid down and "drawn" on with fingers . . .

the resulting print . . .

So now, this evening, I have a journal spread in progress. I will wait to see what Effy does with this week's BOM before I continue. Feeling a need to write more ~ must be the time of year, gaining in Introspection.

Just the duct tape, ma'am.

A little gesso, a little spritz. And now we wait.

While the paint dries and the pieces of duct tape discuss the next move, I'm winding on bobbins for weaving during pre-season football. Threads of Memories . . .

Bobbins, bobbins!

As I said, Threads of Memories.

Blogalong With Effy #1


Raine said...

I love your Touch Painting print. Your musings kept me, well, amused! I have a similar, quirky sense of humor.

Rene said...

I've never seen "touch painting" before. Just what I need, another art practice!

And your bobbins make me want to get someone up here pronto to tell me what to fix on my loom, which I last used to make someone for a person who called every day to ask if it was done yet.....starting when I was still measuring the warp! I banged out the last 4 inches so hard that nuts and bolts went flying.

To where and from where? I do not know.

But winter's coming and weaving sounds like the best thing to do