Saturday, August 31, 2013

the mother~daughter team

It's a quiet Labor Day weekend for us here on the mountain. The weather is gray and low-key. Though I took a walk this morning (sneaking in a 10-minute sitting meditation and the making of a medicine wheel), that was my only time outside. At least there was that. The remainder of my day saw me in the studio with Bennie painting and watching this awesome video (hat tip to Effy) which lead me to the second part of that awesome video. All of which makes me feel all Vestal and such . . . sort of. I'm on Brighid's Vigil, so it's close.

Part of my play-work was creating a landscape to resurrect Wild Woman. This, my choice of art prompts from our group, took up a large portion of my day. Well. After tending dogscatschickens and feeding humans, a little laundry, painting took up that large portion of my day. Of which I am glad. Bennie started, not one, but two paintings in the studio ~ a still life in oils of some summer harvest and a sunflower in acrylics. Now after our easy dinner, I am here again to play with my journal pages.

Bennie and me in the studio.

Some landscape inklings.

Painting it black then letting it rest.

Bennie's sunflower.

Still life oils in progress.

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Dawn H said...

NICE! So Glad you posted too! REALLY nice studio, do you live by the Smokies? It looks like it was a wonderful day for the two of you! Thanks for sharing!!