Monday, August 19, 2013

the help

The Oasis was relocated today. The Man is trying to grow lawn and the grass wasn't growing where our feet were lazing on a frequent basis. There was mowing and raking and re-staking and seeding. Chickens like grass seed. We'll see how that all works then, shall we?

Outdoor phone calls regarding the adoption of a Cochin rooster were made. We appear to be on the These People Will Take Roosters list at the veterinary. So. Another feathered being to matriculate into the flock unawares. It's mildly amusing to conduct an adult conversation with the crowing of roosters going on in the background. Fine for the vet, a little crazy making for other calls.

Our cats insert themselves into whatever anyone might be doing at any time of the day. I don't have a complete photographic journal of what cats are where, but any surface presently employed in paperwork or painting or reading or cooking seems to be an open invitation. A short stack of pizza boxes are available on Dirk's desk just for Darth to sleep on. Otherwise, he would be a large, furry paperweight shifting piles of files at every turn. Obiwan generally takes up lap space while I'm trying to read or write. Flower sleeps in the crook of Bennie's neck while she reads at night. When we're outside on the hammock, Piwaqit crawls up to one's shoulder and kneads with full clawing action. It's the kind of help not necessarily useful to humans. At least we have company.

Darth and I having a discussion about saori . . .

while perched on the front beam of my loom.

Piwaqit sittin' while I spin.

And now I leave you with Bennie's lovely photos of the garden . . .



Blanket flowers.

Blogalong With Effy #1


Shirley Hill said...

that looked like some conversation you were having concerning your use of the loom! LOL

Karen Stewart Elliott said...

I love seeing how the cat interacts with you and its surroundings. Plus, I love the pretty flower pictures as well!