Thursday, August 22, 2013

the genius came by

But first . . . I spent a major portion of the day helping Bennie clean out and organize her room. A daunting task made more so by the cavorting activities of the ferret, Tricksy Bean. She was only loose during the light phase of clearing out stuff, the door closed guarding against her escape and a dog's entry. Doors are wonderful things ~ I don't know how folks lived without them. In cleaning my daughter's room, I found she is a huge repository of stuff and memories. Lots of clothes were tossed into the pile for the clothing collection bin. Avril Lavigne was stripped from the walls as was Happy Bunny. Bennie's original intent was to move furniture in her room, but I went through and showed her it just needed a clearing out. By midday, I was ready to hang out there and watch TV.

Before all that, I had A Plan. (You know, that thing you wake up with, but gets lost by lunch time.) I wanted, in this Plan, to paint in a Painting From the Source manner ~ something I hadn't done in too long. I laid down a coat of gesso on the next spread in preparation for painting before going up to clean a room. By the time we were done, the pages were plenty dry.

A red sun dancing in the sun . . .

My attention is always drifting toward the negative areas when I paint this way. I don't always set out to paint any thing, just paint. Tempera and watercolor brushes are my usual go-to tools and I love the feel of fluid paint sliding on the surface. When I feel like I've created enough images, a new direction emerges.

and now for the black paint . . .

Black paint becomes the constant from this point on as the negative areas are filled in, covering every bit of white paper peeking through. It's a process I get lost in, deeply meditative and relaxing. Sometimes, other shapes of things come through as the black fills in those empty spaces. Sometimes, not. Either way, the activity of painting is the joy.

and finished!

The beauty of limiting this painting exercise to these two pages is how it forces me to complete something within this time and space. Usually, when I'm engaged in Painting From the Source, I start with 24" x 36" drawing paper that might grow to 36" x 72", or larger, in a matter of weeks or months. This too is soul-nourishing painting, but not as immediate as creating journal pages.

It was the work of this God today . . .

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Debbie said...

I enjoyed reading about your process and seeing your piece come along.

Shirley Douglass said...

Oh love this! Im going to throw some color on the page in some pattern (I'll figure out the details later) and then paint with black! I just love it!