Monday, August 05, 2013

the artists' retreat at the Oasis

The backyard Oasis was festooned with lei's and grass skirts left over from an uncle's 50th birthday party (the theme ~ Hawaii 5-0, get it?) to create an atmosphere, albeit poorly, of retreating in a tropical paradise to paint the day away. So this is what we did . . . 
Bennie setting up to paint.

Playing with joint compound.
(Hat tip to Donna Downey.)

Bennie's experiment across the table.

Leaves and flowers removed, now off to dry in the sun.

Bennie came up with this nifty idea of whipping paint-soaked cotton string onto canvas. It was a fun idea with interesting results.

Whipped painting blotted with paper towel.

Bennie's joint compound painting still in progress.

An Artist's lunch at the newly-renovated Tropical Oasis.

We were even prepared for naps.

We napped, joint compound dried.

Angel hanging out and waiting for crackers to hit the dirt.

My intuitive painting with some Martha Stewart crackle paint additions.
(Funny, I found this bit of information while searching.)

Sweet spot of the day.

Bennie's intuitive painting also with some crackle paint addition.

Bennie's sweet spot of the day.
Truly an art-filled tropical paradise sort of day. Gauguin would have enjoyed it.

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Debbie said...

Your post has me smiling. How wonderful to have an oasis in which to paint.

And is that a chicken angel waiting for crackers? Too fun! :)